Sales and Marketing

With our high qualified sales and marketing team, we approach our targets step by step both in domestic and foreign markets.  

High Tech IT Systems Technology

ThermoTeknik has established a high tech IT systems technology that allows different regions and warehouses to control the stocks, effect the sales and purchasing activities at the same time independently from each other.

Domestic and Overseas Market

ThermoTeknik carries his customers needs as raw material from the domestic and overseas market for its priority production from European & Middle East mills. Alloyed, non-alloyed, coil, long material and forged materials.

A few things about StahWelt…


We Provide Raw Material

We provide raw material for automotive, machine manufacturing, agriculture, marine, mining, defense, aviation, aerospace and house technologies.


Direct Sales Process

We are always ready to serve every corner of the world from our service centers and logistical centers by applying direct sales process for our customers.


Rigid Inspections Are Carried

A number of rigid inspections are carried out for each and every step in the process in our production line. Every set of inspection of equipment goes through high accuracy calibration to guarantee an effective inspection process.

Exceptional products with

technical excellence.